Good and Bad News

Hello again!  The Gornom sequel game is getting very big, both in terms of duration as well as graphics and in new game mechanics. It is becoming a problem as the computer I use is no longer running my own game. It is a notebook and its problem is the battery, even if it is charging, if there is a game running, it loses more battery than it charges. Now, I am looking forward to purchasing a new computer in order to continue developing this next game. Despite this, I am developing another game, which is not part of the Gornom universe, called Meat Showdown, because it is a simpler game that I am managing to develop it without too many problems, and I will probably launch it for testing soon.

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Can you remove the notebook battery? I had a laptop long ago where the battery was complete ass, so I removed the battery but kept the Charger in. All it means though is never unplug it or hope for a power outage lol.

I already did it with an old laptop, but this notebook doesn't have a battery that I can remove. I was supposed to have a new one now, but the pandemic ruined my plans. Probably next week I'll get a new one.

Pandemic ruining plans, I understand those feelings well