The Next Game...

Well... Gornom is growing and I need to bring new games. The next game will be bigger than Gornom, because it is not a game for a Game Jam anymore, so I have more time :)

I want to thanks everyone who is publishing gameplays of my games on YouTube, I love to watch them. I comment on every single video. If I didn't comment on your video, probably is because I didn't watch it, so send it to me. I want to thanks everyone who is playing and supporting Gornom too! You are awesome!

We need to wait now, I think that the next game will be completed before the beginning of August. I will get a new computer soon :D

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Very much looking forward to the follow up! You have awesome communication with content creators!

Oh thank you! This surprise that I had with Gornom motivated me to develop the games more and more. So I have to thank and maintain a good communication with everyone :)