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I am sorry about that and thank you for showing this error for me. There was an error which the gun does not work in the English language. You may be wondering why I don't test my games? And here is the answer: the PC that I am using to develop games is really bad, it is a potato, it is so bad that I can't test my own game, so I ask my friends to test it, when they are available, and this is not always. Thank you for the people  who is recording Gornom gameplays, I really enjoyed it, and thank you LexMayWhat with the video with the error, sorry about that.

- [Bug Fix]: The gun don't work in the Enligh language.


Gornom (Windows 32) [FINAL] 84 MB
Jul 02, 2020
Gornom (Windows 64) [FINAL] 89 MB
Jul 02, 2020

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